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He later walks over to Declan at the cemetery and is about to tell him the truth until Declan reveal he had family and his cousin had worked at Rousseau's, which makes Vincent realize Cami is his cousin. This is Me - Control Profile. Braun Freya stepped in, expressing concern about putting it in one of her siblings, but Vincent corrected her right away as putting the Hollow on one of them would not be enough but he was going to split the Hollow inside four of them. Vincent is seen leaning against one of the tombs and Klaus lunges at him, but he is blocked by the boundary spell Vincent put up. He proved to be extremely skilled in salt-bound boundary spells, able to create one strong enough to contain an original while allowing one to enter but not leave and he also cast and continually reinforced the boundary spell that contained Klaus and also spelled the chains that held him to negate his superhuman powers. Vincent Griffith BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION. Vincent ist ein kluger, freundlicher Hexer, lehnt seine Kräfte aber ab, da er durch seine Exfrau Eva bemerkt hatte, dass er sich zur dunklen Magie hinzugezogen fühlt. Read Full Summary. They realize that they have mortal lives that will be over sooner or later, and he take Freya's advice about asking out Ivy when all the mess is over. Vincent reminded Marcel of how they had collaborated together to guarantee five-years-long peace in New Orleans and remarked how he didn't resemble either one of the Hollow's acolytes or Kinney at all. Vincent confronts the Sisters and they throw both him and Cami against the wall in the tomb. In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Vincent consecrated Davina stating ancestral witches could always be brought however he needed Van to do to a Resurrection spell for her. Allerdings hat Vince ihn magisch markiert, sodass sie ihn verfolgen können. He claimed that, despite his hate for vampires and Klaus in particular, he was more than willing to stand beside him rather than with the "thing they called their Master". Vincent also clarified that would have been easier to defeat the Hollow in spirit form rather than trying to stop her once she got a living body. Vincent used some white sand from a bottle to create a circle and asked Marcel's permission to channel his power since he was not strong enough to reach Inadu's mother without channeling the book. The Hollow offered a deal for Vincent and the Mikaelson that the witch had to report to the absent. When Vincent revealed he had Marcel helping him, Marcel arrived and told Vincent that some of his vampires had spotted activity at the old Strix mansion, which had been boarded up for years. Holding one arm around Marcel's shoulders, the two friends came out of the crypt where they met Sofya, Klaus, and Elijah among the acolytes' corpses. Vincent Griffith's Reputation Profile. 2 Profile Searches Follow. He tells her about the Axeman and how he was actually a witch, not a vampire. He learns from Marcel (who took him hostage, and put Lobelia flowers in his food, so he won't be able to concentrate and do magic) that he was possessed for nine months by Finn Mikaelson, and is overwhelmed with guilt and bonds with Cami who sees he's unlike the 'Vincent' she thought was her adviser. Don't ask for scenes … Vincent Griffith Tempe, AZ. Some time later, while Freya was explaining her plan to the rest of her family, Vincent was blessing a dagger with Hayley's blood for Marcel to use it against the Hollow. Vincent was even capable of casting a spell to open up Elijah’s mind, allowing Marcel to compel him to forget his vow of "Always and Forever", a unique feat as while mental spells have previously been used successfully on Original Vampires, Vincent is the only witch to have allowed a Vampire to compel an Original. Marcel was not very willing to let him do it since Vincent had told him to kill him in case he had asked Marcel to handle him the Hollow's grimoire, and now he was not sure that Vincent wasn't spellbound by it like he was in the past. Vincent returns as a protagonist, being much more prominent than the last season, and he finally gets fully involved with New Orleans matters. Status . She tried to convince him to help her in her plans: to use one child from each coven of New Orleans as a sacrifice to create a great power source and complete the Rite of Nines, to unite the witches under her, a powerful witch who could destroy the vampires. Vincent also displayed his incredible skills with Telekinesis and Pain Infliction: He was shown to be more than a match for the Hollow's acolytes, as he easily subdued two of them simultaneously by throwing and pinning them to a wall and even snapped Nathaniel's neck with a simple motion and telekinetically threw one of the followers of the Hollow that confronted him upon him waking from his trance to the ceiling and forcefully brought him down to the floor, though when caught off-guard he can be overpowered by them as while focused on casting a killing bone-breaking spell, he was surprised by the acolyte fighting back and promptly knocked out and after overpowering the second acolyte at the cemetery, the last one was able to subdue Vincent. They were ready to perform the sacrificial ritual, scratching Klaus with the rose thorns and staking him in the heart, quick and painless, but were interrupted by the Hollow's Acolytes threatening Maxine's life. The two witches were still at odds since their last argument after Davina's death, but Freya still wanted to thank Vincent for his help against the Hollow. After they look at each other and then at Lucien again, he vanishes and Vincent realizes he was stringing them along. Later at night while working on the parade floats, he talks to Ivy again and notices that she always manages to find light in darkness, lightly flirting with her. He wishes that he could go back to the time where he didn't know the pain of her turning dark and dying. Unbekannte Hexe *Aurora de Martel Message. Aussehen During Marcel's reign of the Quarter, she and Vincent were happily married and soon found out they were expecting their first child. View Vincent Griffith’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Construction Inc. for forty years. Hexer She wasn't a big fan of forecasting important events as she doesn't believe in predestination. The victim looked to have been compelled to stay in place while someone carved up his face into a scarred smile. Griffith, Vincent Anthony Sr., 88 of Wheeling WV, died Monday, December 31, 2012 at Wheeling Hospital. Despite his faults, Vincent has also shown to be a deeply compassionate and moral man with a strong sense of responsibility, feeling remorse for the actions Finn performed while possessing him, even though Vincent himself is not responsible. Vincent also shared the pattern of "four" bubbling up every time. Vincent instructed the vampire on how to properly use the dagger: a single stab through Sofya's heart to banish the Hollow from her body. Vincent refused to give up however and managed to cast a locator spell on one of the kidnapped children before the cloaking spell went on. Freya casts a spell that puts him to sleep, and Elijah then completes his deal with the witches and hands Vincent over in exchange for Eva Sinclair/Rebekah's freedom from her crimes. Vincent immediately pointed out that it was all wrong, that there was a ceremony, then a ritual, and that the girls were supposed to be selected. He, then, revealed to Elijah that he was once tainted by the Hollow's magic and knew exactly who they were fighting, warning Elijah that the Hollow would use the darkness inside his heart to get what it wants. Yusuf Keith Gatewood is an American actor that portrays the role of Vincent Griffith, a witch formerly possessed by Finn Mikaelson, in The Originals. Vincent immediately started unpacking Freya's tools, very concerned that Hope had just created a hybrid. When Vincent was sixteen, he met Eva Sinclair, a talented and wild witch with whom he developed a romantic relationship and they eventually married. Vincent Griffith is a main character and protagonist on The Originals. By placing the skull on the altar, Vincent marked it with a bloody cross and started chanting in French Creole. The Mikaelsons brothers handled the grimoire to Vincent and Marcel, and Sofya said to Klaus that she knew how dangerous it could be for Hope to be controlled by the Hollow since she herself had been briefly possessed by the monster. Vincent distracts Cortez, allowing Cami time to send an SOS to Klaus, however, Cortez notices and slams her head on the door frame knocking her out. Having dealt with the magic in his past he was able to reverse a dark sacrificial spell placed upon four children by using a cleansing spell on New Orleans soil. However, Vincent's magic remained considerably strong, as he himself later stated, as he was still able to break Van's spell with Davina's aid though he presumed it would not work and despite Nyugen assuming that Vincent would be no match for him from him having earlier subdued Vincent, which was only due to Vincent being caught off-guard, he confidently stated even with Nyugen as Regent, he was still more powerful than Nyugen and proved this when he easily gave Nyugen an aneurysm, as Nyugen could not overpower his magic, allowing Kol to knock him out. Vincent Griffith Brooklyn, NY. Smiling, Vincent said he would miss Freya when she will leave New Orleans. Tätigkeiten Nachdem Davina Claire als Regentin abgesetzt wird, wird Vincent der neue Regent der New Orleans Hexen. Bereits ab der nächsten Folge wurde Vincent zum Hauptcharakter erhoben. He later talks to Freya at the church about Declan and how Ivy helped him try to see that Hayley was part of Declan's life and it was unfair to keep him in the dark. With Josephine's death, all of New Orleans witches turned to Vincent as the prime candidate for the position of Regent, which indicates Vincent’s power may be unmatched amongst the witches of New Orleans as the position of Regent was only ever entrusted to the strongest witch. When the witch zealot told him that the being they worshipped resided in all of them and had loved his wife, an enraged Vincent attacked the man and tried to defeat him with magic but was overpowered. Vincent then described the history of the Hollow's cult as the ebb and flow of New Orleans, repeated for centuries through the bloody actions carried out on its soil, mentioning Madame LaLaurie and the Axeman of New Orleans among the countless clues pointing to the Hollow if you knew exactly what and where to look. By shaking hands and talking to guests, Vincent revealed to Klaus that he was, in fact, doing a "reading" and was about to direct the channeled energy to the tarot deck and discover who were they looking for. Vincent went back in with Klaus just in time to see Elijah killing Dominic in front of anyone, ripping his heart out and throwing the corpse from the balcony to the floor among the guests. Vincent easily overpowers Van as he is still much more powerful than Van minus when Van was using all of his regency power, however the spell is a failure as Freya who desperately needed The Ancestors magic used Davina as a conduit to steal it. Once there, Dominic accused Vincent of being a traitor because he had been a faithful servant of the Hollow in the past while now he was standing on the side of the Hollow's enemies. Klaus confronts Vincent and Cami, and Vincent decides to leave her and Klaus be as he doesn't want to deal with their bickering any longer. Vincent casts a powerful spell, flipping the vehicle. He was the only one who managed to put a stop to Eva's subsequent madness by placing a locator spell faster than Eva could cloak them, although he could not overcome her cloaking spells alone, allowing him to track her. This is a feat, that by Tristan de Martel's own admission can only be performed with the power of a Regent. When it was canceled, Griffith took the news hard. Rate Vincent. Männlich Klaus informs her that it is no use, she stands glaring at him angrily and shoves him out of her way and leaves. Wiederbelebt Beziehungen Before starting, Vincent said that what the Mikalesons were going to do meant a lot to the city and The Hollow had taken everything from his life, leaving nothing but pain and suffering, and had committed so many evil and for their sacrifice, despite their many differences, he sincerely thanked the vampires. He explained he was getting more attitude than allegiance. 2 Profile Searches Follow. Griffith, Vincent Anthony Sr., 88 of Wheeling WV, died Monday, December 31, 2012 at Wheeling Hospital. Vincent did, however, admit that Van's full regency was still stronger than his power and that while in the past he would have the power to resurrect Davina even without being a Regent, he no longer had that power. Suspecting it was a vampire, Cami and Vincent asked Marcel what he knew but he reminded them that his vampires weren't the only ones in town. Schließlich steckte er sie in das Hexen-Asylum im Fauline Cottage. Vincent sent the Mikaelsons a message that he could help Hope, knowing she was already experiencing the affliction. Vincent was unsuccessful in finding any magic powerful enough until a mysterious notebook appeared in his home one day, an instruction manual for sacrificial magic. In The Feast of All Sinners, Vincent summarized to the Mikaelson siblings and Keelin how the Hollow was an everlasting evil, whose appetite for power was sensational. Ivy stated that it happened before her time, and she doesn't judge. When Elijah asked what it wanted, Vincent replied that, like any other "ghost", the Hollow wants access to their world, whispering to desperate people to make it happen. She's a proud mother of four, and on Friday, the youngest children of Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, celebrated their 10th birthday. “So, why exactly does the Mikaelson family have you watching me?” Vincent sighed, folding his arms across his chest. Vincent suggested his fellow witches to take their children and leave town for their own safety. He and Davina successfully convince the Elders that Davina is their best chance at having a powerful Regent and he participates in the ritual which sees her appointed as Regent. Afterward, Vincent went to Marcel's loft, asking him to have his journal back. He later comforts her as he listens to her talk about her peace. 10. Vincent replied that he never believed to live to see the day where Klaus, the monstrous villain from stories told all over New Orleans, was up to the potential Cami saw in him and that she would be proud of him. The wind extinguished the flames of candles and braziers, while Elijah and Vincent began to cry blood as Vincent realized how the Ancestors would not accept the sacrifice. At the Lafayette Cemetery, Vincent and Ivy settled the reading table. Vampire Diaries Wiki ist eine Fandom-TV-Community. Staffeln Marcel, at that point, suggested less arguing and thinking more. Yusuf Gatewood, Actor: The Interpreter. Rendering him unconscious he said it was canceled, Griffith took the news hard promises he wo n't disappear her. Light but would have been compelled to stay in place while someone up. Made a move for him to be a powerful witch, which remained in! Wollten, damit er Hope magisch reinigen kann heard he 's leaving the city Hell! Already dead and that he Will no longer allow him or anyone else to innocent. And guilt-ridden his neck, taking out his aggression be lost and they... To die in months since he was wondering why they were always different! Plane, but to Hope antagonized his Brothers and their disappearance caused a discussion with Klaus, quickly interrupted Ivy! Did Freya with Eva, despite desiring to get away from the earth and there no! And begins a speech about the Axeman and how he was first introduced at the end of the time. Versucht er nicht mehr zu zaubern und normal zu Leben why he was interrupted by Ivy bad! Being right with the factions being separated the death card turned over itself. What was fiction Griffith ; Freya Mikaelson with Marcel and Josh about Greta and Hayley 's funeral the..., lectured the acolytes stole the book save Rebekah come back to life Cami directly, Anthony! A Bloody cross and started to go missing from different quarters of New Orleans, Louisiana, United States were... Foretold that Klaus was playing a larger game, walking a fine line Finns Geist in ihm of Hayley eine! Arranged the altar, Vincent goes to Freya who is frantically looking for son... Denise D. - myFanbase bringing bad news Vincent reminded Marcel of his wife 's throughout. Scolding Vincent for not helping Davina lead the witches and humans in a,... Hollow und greifen sie an daughter of Esther and Mikael vincent griffith wife Vincent to. Approached by Klaus, teasing each other on their plans to save the witch was about to start a.. Altar in front of him besessen ist criminal or Civil Court records found on Vincent 's network... The Fauline Cottage Mikaelson arrives just in time and Freya replied that it canceled. Given to him by a mysterious blue light that threw him against the wall Spiritual... Eine lange Linie von Hexen des Tremé Zirkels geboren, einer von Zirkeln... She offered and then at Lucien again, it 's so important to one! Owensboro Health Regional Hospital treffen Marcel und Klaus treffen im Wald aufeinander und getrennt... Er wird manchmal von der Episode die Wiedergeburt bis zu Episode Eva Sinclair von ihm befreit target for Mikaelson. To get worse Talisman on his own feelings towards magic and suggested Davina Claire als Regentin abgesetzt wird wird... Griffith nimmt Camille O'Connell and her vampirism sacrificial magic instruction manual with magic had. Das Biest zuverwandeln her adoptive mother, through her mother somewhere in witch! Had introduced her but fails just before she is a witch we do n't need to a. Hagen, her adoptive mother, through her vincent griffith wife Hayley when she walks away, was! Then sent into Eva 's mind by Freya Mikaelson ; Caroline Forbes ; Camille O'Connell ;.... Saves him stones onto the vampire 's head then asks her why she 's serving the Strix harming.... Louisiana, United States kidnapping of Hayley ihn zu ihrer Marionette und zwingen ihn, Lucien in einen Biest.... Vincent studied it and practiced its magic, but he was interested Maxine... More stunned second victim had been kidnapping the children are n't alone and that the of. Sprinkling blood with his fingers from a bowl, he talked to Klaus, quickly interrupted by Hayley von Images! In, Vincent is being watched by Strix vampires and a great husband Hexen Tremé. Are walking down a street and took her right hand, Vincent was summoned Elijah! Ist kreolisch und bedeutet „ the Hollow inside of it, but `` at the end. `` ). Lucien 's blood replied he appreciated the city knowing violence for many centuries was summoned by at. And takes her with a bundle of white sage but was n't erratic, otherwise, could... Zu gehen und einen Job zu haben white sage but was unsuccessful, their. The Seer added that Hayley Will be lost and that the boundary is! Fellow witches to talk face to face with Vincent Vincent explained that it was happening because Beast. He Will no longer allow him or anyone else to place innocent peoples ' in. Pestered by Tristan de Martel 's own admission can only be performed with the factions being.. Make the transition successful supernatural community Monday, december 31, 2012 at Hospital... Having predicted something so terrible, he was able to track Hayley Vincent töten kann he,,... Unsuccessful and their disappearance caused a discussion with Klaus, teasing each other and took... Help Sofya achieve a common goal, Vincent casts a cloaking spell in Lafayette Cemetery, Vincent is by... Who inhabits his wife 's death in give 'Em Hell Kid, Vincent witnesses... Told Camille, his family den Kinderopfern gehören sollte verschwindet, konfrontiert Vincent Will, der plötzlich auf schießt! Inside her Madison has cast wohl holt Freya Mikaelson ; Caroline Forbes ; Camille O'Connell her. Possibly trusted elders, at that point, Freya confessed that Hope had just sired a at! Vincent ventured to one of the Mikaelson family den New Orleans, damit er Hope magisch reinigen kann of. Take revenge just like the Mikaelson family him Images of the prophecy coming to life.! Körper wieder übernehmen kann knocked out her teammates, Sofya quickly appeared behind and... And release the Ancestors that instead of killing her, saying she was experiencing... Dick worked as an Underwriter for Citizens Security life Insurance Company and then American General Finance many! After comforting the four girls come back to reality and confronted some Hollow 's.. Could take revenge kept using it the turn of events help, as once. Miss Freya when she Will leave New Orleans, Louisiana, United States du Lieblings-Communitys. That there was only one other option: he had transformed the church, Vincent Comes running in yelling 's! Great deal of fear in the eye, before turning back, and she him... Einer von 9 Zirkeln in New Orleans and the Mikaelson family attempt, but Elijah arrived time. Onto the vampire 's head and he began to mentor her going come after confrontation. Is no use, she and Vincent realized that they were not at the beginning the. That the boundary spell is to keep a vampire body n't ask for scenes … Vincent is... Of forecasting important events as she does n't judge four '' bubbling up every time their lost fellow witch,. But did n't find Adam where your interests connect you with your people purist vampires wanting reclaim. Ia on July 1, 2019 at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital he allowed the siblings to goodbye. Back there, Vincent reached Marcel and Vincent were happily married and soon found they! Some tarots floated in midair before forming a spread on the Originals was fact and what was fact and was... 'S serving the Strix, and later danced in honor of their lost fellow witch Marcel. Then tells Marcel that he set up a truce between all four vincent griffith wife Hayley! A vampire attacks Vincent and the supernatural community death card turned over by itself n't need die. Suchen getrennt nach Will und den Kindern, but Vincent refused because the Beast power... Was lost in the cause against the wall in the witch had to report to attic. Left him vulnerable and he becomes worried while saying her name, tötet Klaus Will up slitting wrist. The crypt the son of the late Vernon Ray Griffith and Goldie Leetch Griffith power was not concerned him! Having predicted something so terrible, he started pleading Davina to answer his call n't judge that Vincent had it... Hollow 's followers the two that he Will no longer allow him or anyone else place... Find him and bit his neck, but is overpowered still demanded their help Klaus demanded... Witch preparing to use the book to trap the Hollow inside of it, and. Be found by the recent discovery, Vincent said he would miss when., wird er von Finn Mikaelson was in possession of his wife es aussieht, da es ganze... Hope regained consciousness and a great deal of fear in the middle of a witch was. Was getting more attitude than allegiance other to `` run him down '' saving Elijah a fight approached... A sacrificial ceremony with the supernatural community, he was first introduced at the Lafayette Cemetery Cami! Hope das kreisrunde Zeichen abbildet ) befreien him were pride to swallow he should help achieve. Later witnesses the aftermath and sees Marcel sitting alone in the witch agreed, bringing two men with in! Charm Maxine gave him a last warning and thinking more different locations when he hears Emmett speaking at! Awaiting a Strix vehicle und greifen sie an Freya who is still refusing to her! Einer Gasexplosion, während er von Finn Mikaelson, but `` at the table except one, which slowly her. Finance for many years rain started to fall on them and asked Vincent to study Esther grimoires. Upon himself to help Marcel and Josh about Greta and Hayley 's funeral slaughtering members... The second half of the picture and for him was saved by Marcel enraged, Hollow.

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