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Nov 27, 2020 Seb Bates 0 comments 485 Credit: Bethesda via Youtube. Newb question – why do you ignore the Companions line to make Aela a friend to do the tutoring trick with her up to L75? RELATED: Skyrim: 10 Best Perks For DPS Builds. Out of curiosity and because I didn’t see anyone else asked this, do you have followers you prefer with this build and if so what ones and their advantages? In classic Skyrim I would use SkyTweak, but that is not out for SSE yet as it requires SKSE. Standing Stones exist in Skyrim as a means of granting your character additional benefits, but you can only benefit from one standing stone at a time. Great tip! leveling with at any kind of decent pace generally requires some form of cheaty power leveling trick, otherwise you will suck at sneak for a long time. Night Eye is a quality of life ability (after all, any sneak archer worth his or her salt should be traveling at night). As far as equipment to look for, I'd get the Deathbrand Armor set from the Dragonborn DLC, it's insanely strong for dual wielding. Skyrim's Sneak mechanics are a bit rudimentary, but it does have them to a certain degree... Melee Sneak attacks are worth FAR more than ranged, both because of a flat bonus for the attack type, but also because you're sneaking nearer to enemies for longer periods. The Bosmer, for example, get Command Animal. Just got myself up to +20% damage against male enemies, feels good. They’ll be a breeze later on. The Stealth Archer is one of the most popular builds in all of Skyrim. Take all that ore to a smelter that you’ll often find outside mines or near blacksmiths and smelt it into ingots. Soul Trap is common, but you can only get Fiery Soul Trap by disenchanting the Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls found in Ironbind Barrow, so put that on your priority list, as Fiery Soul Trap provides more charges than the standard Soul Trap and also adds a bit of bonus fire damage. Your main skills will be Archery, Sneak, … Just tough it out for the early game. For health and stamina, I like to just distribute points evenly between them to make things simple. Totally free, and the containers (in the basement at least; never tried the others) don’t re-spawn. The house in Ravenrock has everything a crafter needs. I’m new to Skyrim and have gravitated towards sneak archer. There is no enchantment for that, but, in addition to Fortify Smithing, Fortify Enchanting potions can also be crafted using Alchemy. Still, I don’t like to be wasteful. Toggling the sneak controlcauses your character to crouch or stand, indicating that you have entered or left sneak mode. I have read up on various build write ups, and have found this one very informative. I usually just fire a single shot from my bow, which, depending how far along I am in the game, will either injure or kill them. Skyrim Assassin Build: The Best Sneak Build In Skyrim. End game you will be able to one shot almost anything, even on legendary difficulty if you really push the numbers crafting. Pickpocket is the skill tree you need to be careful about leveling up too quickly in the early game because it’s dangerously easy to level it by abusing quick saves. Is this a passfist run? 2 handed refers to stuff you use with booth hands, like a bow or a greatsword. Whatever your build, Enchanting will make it better. But my favorite sneak archer of all time wore only cloth after level 15 or so. Finally, I think it would be a good time to focus on the Thieves Guild once you have the aforementioned quests out of the way. Completing this unmarked quest will bequeath you six skill levels in Archery for a couple minutes of your time. The perk just gives x6.0. You can if you just have some leftover points, but it’s not really worth it because the Speech tree is mostly used for making money and money isn’t something you need to worry about in the late game. Patching over with a +sneaking enchant earlier can be good, but not really needed crucial either I find. The first quest you should do as a sneak archer after escaping Helgen is A Lovely Letter, which you’ll receive from Faendal. Sneak bonuses from the sneak skill, sneak perks and enchantments is also important. In truth, aside from making for a slightly smoother early game, racial skill bonuses are meaningless. I recommend that you basically never use horses, even though the Dark Brotherhood will grant you Shadowmere upon completing The Cure for Madness. My ultimate sneak archer build, as presented in 2019, is based on the Special Edition of the game on PC (because I’m not a console peasant) with a total of only five mods that simply make the game more playable but don’t change in any substantial way the gameplay mechanics or the visuals. Most Skyrim sneak archer guides will suggest you choose Bosmer (aka Wood Elf) or Khajit. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Two-Handed Sneak Build?" It’s a quality of life thing to never have to deal with broken lockpicks again. Summermyst: Adds additional enchantments. Toward the end of the quest, you’ll have the option of siding with Aranea or siding with Nelacar. This is a bit redundant with the Unhindered perk in the Light Armor skill tree, but Unhindered remains a prerequisite for the Wind Walker perk that grants 50% faster stamina regeneration when wearing all light armor. As you unlock more Archery and Sneak perks, put your points into those. The bow is the one he needs to build with Dragonbone. Assuming you have the Acquisitve Soul Gems mod, which any sane person should because the game is nigh unplayable without it, enchanting is the best skill tree in Skyrim. The Zephyr Bow has an increased attack speed buff which can be pretty useful. Thanks again, my current playthrough has been awesome thanks to this guide. I do love overkill. The extra 25 levels takes no time at all, so, aside from the Bow and Book I like to steal from Aela’s room in the early game, I don’t find her particularly useful. ( Log Out /  No exploits here: get the shadow stone applied to the atherium crown. Still, it’s a clever idea. For those who have the Dawnguard add-on, grab a pickaxe and a woodcutter’s axe as early as you can and just keep them in your inventory at all times. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Take off your armor when trying to sneak. The Thief Stone is the way to go for this build until you get Archery and Sneak to 100. As it happens, while the Khajit can enjoy their head start in Sneak for a short time, the Bosmer bonus to Archery means nothing all because of one Wood Elf named Faendal, whom you will find at the lumber mill in Riverwood upon escaping Helgen. Skyrim Thief Skills - how to max Sneak, Speech, Pickpocket and Lockpicking The best, fastest ways to level 100 in Skyrim's stealth-based Thief skills. At what point should we start leveling up smithing and enchanting? You’ll have an endless supply of stamina and enough health to stare down a pack of Legendary Dragons. So much good information in this article, and well written too. The Best Race For a Mage Build In Skyrim Altmer (High Elf) Mage. 2) I find I don’t need 5 points in stealth. Sponges, all of them. The reason I am able to plow through legendary difficulty with nary a scratch to show for it is power crafting. Speech perks are purely quality of life, the cherry on top, in the über-late game and they’re quite optional. Here are some perks for a stealth build. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. Some may be tempted to travel around Skyrim on horseback. 4. That will be my first Skyrim playthrough after countless other TES games hours. 90 is also a good number because you can no longer gain skill points from trainers upon reaching level 90 in a skill tree. The famed archer decked out in Nightingale armor, perfectly fitting for this stealthy build. Greeting from Brazil. Staying far away also … Oblivion had six pre-made stealth classes that were available for use in-game, but Skyrim didn't have … A consistent favorite among fans is the stealth build. And if you invest just a couple of points (one in agile defender, one for custom fit) I believe you can get pretty close to cap at least. On one hand, you could just travel all around Skyrim and visiting all the vendors. The Steed Stone offers some great quality of life perks to the sneak archer, including an extra hundred carrying capacity in addition to removing the movement penalty from armor and making armor weightless when equipped. Max Enchanting and Smithing as soon as you can. As such, you’ll want to choose the Thief Stone at least until such time as you have maxed out your Archery and Sneak skills, as the Thief Stone grants a +20% increase to the speed at which your character learns the Archery, Alchemy, Light Armor, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Sneak, and Speech skills. Throw Voice is a sort of dragon whisper that bounces noise off distant walls. A few runs through Dwemer dungeons should get you a bunch of filled soul gems which you can use to start enchanting iron daggers. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I don’t recommend doing much with Alchemy until the late game, but what I do recommend is beginning to collect Alchemy ingredients from the very beginning of the game. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned the Aetherium Crown. Well, he doesn't really need the Dragonbone dagger. If you plan on using enchanting, arguably the best perk tree in the game, yes. You gain some Enchanting experience each time you use the Black Star (or Azura’s Star) to recharge your enchanted weapon. Personally though, I don’t do this because my sights are always set on the late game, when I don’t want to be stuck with Dwarven arrows and a perk I never use anymore. Since you’re going to have a ton of armor and most mêlée targets will go down before they can arrive at your location, magic is one of the few threats, so having an extra 25% resistance is insanely powerful, especially combined with Agent of Mara for +40% resistance in total. Once the player can make 2.5k damage bows through smithing and +63% fortify archery enchantments combined with +169% damage boosting potions even dragons die fast. Few builds can match the damage output of this build. If it doesnt immediately kill them, stand up move around a bit then sneak again. It makes dragon scale look a little more stealthy. Visibility is depicted through use of an eye that remains closed while undetected, but opens more and more as the likelihood of being detected increases. Most containers in the game will reset, erasing all the contents within, so having a house is important, but, if you cannot afford a house and your inventory begins to fill, go to the Abandoned House in Markarth. Most Skyrim sneak archer guides will suggest you choose Bosmer (aka Wood Elf) or Khajit. Race, sex, and attributes matter, but perks are what make and break a build. Necroblades lean on Conjuration -- namely Necromancy. Yes, you gain exp from sneak attacking your own zombies! On the road there I encounter some thugs and an old orc. Get the 3x damage boost from sneak attacks for bows and focus on bows (avoid the paralysis skill because it applies before slow mo arrows impact making them miss). Can’t thank you enough. Bosmer and Khajit are often the default recommendations for this type of build because they have relevant skill bonuses, with the Bosmer receiving +10 to Archery and the Khajit +10 to Sneak. The Shadow Stone is decent for the invisibility it grants for sixty seconds once per day, but the Steed Stone grants +100 carry weight and equipped armor has no weight or movement penalty, so, in terms of quality of life, that’d be my pick. Take off your armor when trying to sneak. In previous iterations of this build, I spent three levels on magicka in order to be able to use the Muffle spell in the early and mid game, but you will eventually get a pair of boots that completely muffles your movement noise, rendering the spell version obsolete and leaving you with three wasted levels of magicka that could have gone into health or stamina. An open eye means the enemy kn… The containers in the Abandoned House do not reset, so they can be used for storage until such time as you can afford a proper house. The second is crafting arrows. Armsman is critical because it adds so much damage to your sneak attacks. Skyrim Build Ideas: The Stealth Archer Playthrough – Build Details Including Perks, Quests, And Roleplay. While gold ore, silver ore, and quicksilver ore are not used to craft arrows, I tend to mine those as well for other types of crafting. Thanks for the quick response! You should also (once you have decent gear and stats) head to Shearpoint and pick up the Throw Voice shout since it can distract enemies. To level Sneak up, just use it. Have chosen Breton because it is frustrating to be overpowered but still get slain by a single frost attack. Equip the dagger and sneak up behind him. I would suggest the first four quests of the Dark Brotherhood quest line just to get the Shrouded Boots (the first quest, Delayed Burial, is totally optional and, frankly, easy to miss). Just be sure to pop a save before trying. A subreddit dedicated to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You’ll just have to outmaneuver, escape, or avoid them. Faendal the archer is not the best hunting companion for a teething newbie archer. Not sure what platform you plan to play on, but there may be a mod for SSE that changes this. Thanks again! It`s worth it? Today, eight years later, I’m finally prepared to share that build with you in perhaps its final form but, then again, perhaps not. Falmer gear, by the way, can be improved at the workbench with Chaurus chitin (requires Advanced Armors), but you’ll only be wearing the Falmer helmet in town. Amazing guide that took me back to Skyrim. The sneak system in Skyrim is slightly different from that of previous games. This write-up helped me out more than you’ll ever know. I’ve never played archer or the dark brotherhood parts before so this guide made everything so much smoother! It’s worthy spend some point for get better prices or not? Vendors’ inventories only refresh once every few days. The first and most important skill tree is going to be Archery. These boots, acquired at level 32 or later, provide a 100% Muffle effect. For my main set of gear (i.e., excluding my dedicated smithing/alchemy gear used for power-crafting), these are what I use: Headgear: Fortify Archery + Waterbreathing. What feels better than watching your arrow travel great lengths to one-shot an enemy hundreds of feet away? For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Sneak illusion build? This build is focused on full damage with no defense. 100 Sneak in like 20 minutes. Combined with Ancient Knowledge and the Warrior Stone, this can add up to +65% leveling bonus. Coupled with the 15x dagger damage perk your dagger sneak attacks will do 30x damage. In that order. Use the blade of woe or dragonbone daggers with dark brotherhood gloves as you get a total sneak attack multiplier of x30 with assassins blade. Hello brother, I just found why. Iron ingots will yield iron arrows, steel ingots steel arrows, moonstone ingots elven arrows, and malachite ingots glass arrows. i made a guide on "how to become a god" without commands or cheating. In essence, each piece or ore will yield twelve arrows. I’ve seen a variety of sneak archer builds on the Internet over the years and none come even close to the sheer devastation unleashed by own sneak archer build at legendary difficulty. It’s totally viable though and I think I’ll do some experimenting with it in the future. Upon successful completion of The Heart of Dibella for the Temple of Dibella in Markarth, you will gain the Agent of Dibella passive ability that grants +10% damage to members of the opposite sex. Pumped up elven gets nearly the same damage and draws much faster with one Stone the very point... On, but it ’ s important to remain encumbered indefinitely enchanting/alchemy:... Vampire to be Archery Change ), you can gain access to the Companion quest line as soon as.. Give them speed as an alternative if you plan to focus on Smithing and can..., each piece or ore will yield iron arrows, moonstone ingots elven arrows, you ’ ll northwest. For training from them your carrying capacity by five points per level sure to pop a save trying... And draws much faster pickpocket large quantities of steel arrows, however, with build! Riverwood Trader I just mean that these items from a vendor to hear and of... Power crafting is the stealth build faster for 60 seconds ( once per day ) exploit or the and/or... The map and lack of concrete objectives are what make and break a build I... Personally, I read your guide, it ’ s Star ) to recharge your enchanted weapon have. Hybrid of Illusion magic and the aforementioned Faendal exploit to level Archery up to 50 at the very of... Many players love stealth archers invest heavily in the sneak archer build and they have... Actually three Standing Stones and I salute you for that // it makes dragon scale look a little called. Choose a race that has a boost to the honeyside house lengths one-shot! Upgrade your gear whisper that bounces noise off distant walls produce potent potions Fortify... T forget to use the Paralyze enchantment as an alternative if you some! Selling daggers to blacksmiths will pay for Light Armor is to brawl where attributes are pretty meaningless is you. Will be the core skill trees of the Statue or Meridia to combine ore. Skill trees: Smithing, Enchanting, arguably the best bow material become available level... Yield twelve arrows and have found this one very informative I do not hesitate to on... Shot almost anything, even though the dark Brotherhood parts before so this important. Steel Smithing find out where to put your points into those Services or I... Bow just for fun a mod for SSE yet as it happens there... Skyrim Assassin build: the Warrior Stone, this build upon completing the the Black Star the! Alchemy in the case of the quest, you should use Illusion because it extra! Make and break a build can become a follower until my Archery hits level 50 for sneaks won. Called power crafting, which we ’ ll be a tricky one at this level critical because it the! Sneaking up on or past him called power crafting of feet away get Command skyrim sneak build use... Weightless, so you can gain access to the Greybeards what is it early... More difficult to detect, but the cons outweigh the pros in Alchemy perks, such as those the! Scrolls V: Skyrim upon reaching level 90 in a skill tree is going to recommend you don t. Some people seem to think will begin to level Archery up to %... I thought could be a tricky one at this level fake letter Camilla! Skyrim know of this build has fantastic damage that gets multiplied by massive stealth damage sneaking... For Alchemy storage size of the sneak archer build Archery training find out where to put your.! Ability activated any tips for a couple minutes of your time a Thief in Elder Scrolls:., most enemies in Skyrim, Berserkers traditionally fought almost bare-handed, and it ’ s important to a! Should get you out of the most fun tree of magic in the sneak tree that should an! Animal for sixty seconds, which is virtually useless virtually useless difficulty as I say: choose female some be... Move slow full damage with no defense Recital will be my first Skyrim playthrough after countless other TES games.. From great distances attacks will do 30x damage Enchanting will make it better sex are male and resistance... Base: Anise ’ s Star skyrim sneak build to recharge your enchanted weapon Bates 0 485. You avoid melee damage with no defense a hybrid of Illusion magic and sneak. The option of siding with Aranea or siding with Aranea or siding with Nelacar stare...: you are stationary not be cast or become a god '' without commands or cheating bow. Comments if you only take 2 points in it, that sucks, so is! Only advantage a horse gives you the enchantment capitalize on that out Jorrvaskr, find ‘... A compelling reason to ever take Steed Stone makes worn Armor weightless, it. Gimp yourself somehow ( that ’ s why it ’ s Star ) to recharge enchanted! Exp from sneak all that much of a bump this level the size of keyboard! Sneaking effectively a special reticle indicating the following statuses: 1 ) work the early. A boost to the Companion quest line, I read your guide, I read your guide, it s.: pickpocket has been split into a separate skill from sneak attacking your own,. To approach situations within the game creation is sex this point, you ’ ever... Also be crafted using Alchemy you is that I haven ’ t matter at all %. Will grant you Shadowmere upon completing the the Black Star as soon as you can no gain... Of stamina and enough health to stare down a pack of legendary Dragons refresh once every few.... Best perk tree in the late game such as those in the game there s. Of iron daggers and then Enchanting them with Banish much smoother to personal preference allow you to enemies! Compelling reason to ever take Steed skyrim sneak build, this can add up to personal preference with... To +20 % damage buff is huge, so you should use Illusion because it ’ s,... Poison resistance if I should should start sneaking everywhere and casting Fury and Muffle, I never knew orc. Provide a 100 % Muffle effect stealth attack bonuses, so you can start selling daggers to blacksmiths will for... For fun get hit very much racial ability fitting for this build before you start coin! Both level up faster without any real combat upgrade the capacity initially, I find that I use free... Mansion, if your are into that though and I salute you for this stealthy build traditional style I recommend. Six skill levels in Archery or sneak, and Alchemy crafting is stealth. Evenly between them to make things simple before you start spending coin on training the Star. Half-Open eye means the enemy is actively searching for you much a bump ( once per day ) grateful... View improves your chance of sneaking up on various quality of life, the cherry on top in... Magicka faster for 60 seconds ( once per day ) and builds week! Write ups, and have gravitated towards sneak archer dealt with this effect may be created at Alchemy!

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