movie about ants attackingxo marshmallow review

This is another film I'm giving more stars to than it probably deserves because of a childhood fondness for it. Eventhough the acting isn't spectacular, and by the end turns into a down right urban action movie, "They Live" is one of the most entertaining ever. Menu. Awards X. Just about every movie he does has a giant something or other attacking people. On the same working place, when he finds a job. Sort by: ... All of this happens because the animals eat what appears to be hot marshmallow creme gurgling out of the earth. It's hard to be scared or intimidated by ants of all insects, but this movie does it best to make the viewer feel uncomfortable when they are on screen. This movie is not so much about aliens who are hiding among us, but instead it taps into the deeply submerged suspicion held by most of us that we are being manipulated and taken advantage of by the elite of American society, by our leaders, by the rich, etc. Aside from big animals and stuff, Bert I. Gordon seemingly also has a weakness for the writings of H.G. A last-gasp attempt at the 1950s 'giant monster' B-movie, directed by schlock purveyor Burt I. Gordon (aka 'Mr Big') who utilises some of his famed back screen-projected beasts onto the screen for the last time. The well to do are actually aliens whose identities are revealed by the glasses. Also, we sometimes feel that we are manipulated and programmed (in a subtle way) to respect hierarchical authority ( e.g., the "OBEY" subliminal command from the movie). I was not at all surprised to see Marjoe Gortner starring in a crap movie like this. Three friends with big faces go to an island to relax by chasing a deer to death with dogs. This is a terrible movie with one questionable virtue: the spectacle of dozens of real rats really shotgunned. The only real complaint that I have about the film is that the aliens when finally revealed are far too human. Beyond the B Movie charm and incredible fight scene, it definitely contains some very astute social commentary. Here are some of the most frightening movie monsters from cinema history. Directed by Robert Scheerer. If you have an ant infestation in your house and want to know why ants enter your home, it is important to know what attracts ants to your home. When Pym later visited Lang in prison, he commanded the Ants to crawl over the security camera lens, obscuring P… Ever wonder why people line up in droves to follow the latest fad? John knows, there is something unusual going on at a house nearby. And they are thriving like never before. The gov't leaders and other corrupt individuals "causing" the terror attacks, the filthy rich elite with their evil bloody hands controlling money and power with evil intentions and the billion dollar fraudulant psychiatric industry and the evil brainwashing and destroying minds by drugging everyone with mind-altering, experimental psychiatric drugs from newborn infants to adults (School shootings, child suicides and other irrational and senseless killings). I think this movie is much more interesting, and much more realistic and intellectual, than let's say some french art movie (Farthenheit 951 or something). Another movie that could almost work if remade with today's special effects (and a major script overhaul). There's so many over-sized faces at the start of this movie it's like watching Easter Island statues bobbing around. Wells story isn't just any ordinary bad movie. User Ratings I should give this move a "10" simply based on the fact that I remembered watching it when it first came out at the age of 7. However, it works. Robust drifter George Nada (pro-wrestler Roddy Piper) discovers a pair of sunglasses that reveals the world for how it actually is: billboards and magazines sparkle with Orwellian phrases, and many "people" are actually grotesque extraterrestrial beings bent on enslaving humanity. Bad news: The movie gets a lot more wrong. Antlix Ant Lollipops. A rare food taken by an old woman (penultimate film for Ida Lupino) provokes the excessive increasing on animals and bugs . | So, they did what anyone would do--they mixed it with animal feed and gave it to their farm animals. Gigantic creatures starving human flesh strike unfortunate people, Pretty Stupid, But Fun If That Is What You Want, Another late career gem for Pamela Franklin, "Jobs for female bacteriologists aren't easy to find!". And, amazingly, some of the performers manage to retain their dignity. | Rowdy Roddy Piper (in a surprisingly effective performance) plays an unnamed drifter who finds a low level construction job and takes up residence in some type of squatter's camp near downtown L.A.. A football player named Morgan (Marjoe Gortner) is deer hunting on the island with friends when he discovers the body of a companion in the woods. When he takes one of them, John sees a whole different world. He/she walks out into the desert and falls into a large chamber dug by the ants. However, in the director's defense, Wells' original novel "The Food of the Gods and how it came to the Earth" covers both out-of-proportion humans and animals. Along comes the businessman Jack Bensington (Ralph Meeker) and his associate Lorna (Pamela Franklin) and they want to find out if the story is true. Then killer beasts , gigantic flies , huge chicken , wasps , worms and enormous rats strike tourists on a secluded island . Movies with bees, bugs, ants, spiders etc.! When Scott Lang broke into the Pym Residence, an ant observed him, with a shrunken camera installed on it's back. To illustrate just how insatiable Bert I. Gordon actually was: this was already his second loosely interpreted adaptation of one and the same Wells' novel. The aliens seem to have people totally under their spell. They Live. | This is real art. when you spend $25 on participating products. Three family members have their destinies changed during the first Gulf War. "Just look, they're everywhere!" Who needs Mystery Science Theater 3000 to make fun of this – just watch it for your own personal amusement. He is like some mythological hero, just like Schwarzenegger or so. Parents need to know that Antz is an animated comedy that will have lots of appeal for teens and adults, especially for fans of Woody Allen's brand of humor -- ironic social commentary and perpetual worry. But it seems that some of the residents of this camp are using the church across the street as a kind of a resistance center. This was one of those movies that my mom watched after my brother and I "Went to bed". The Ants of the title are an unusually large colony mutated by toxins in the atmosphere and in the ground. You also get Meg Foster and Sy Richardson so it's a solid cast. I remember first seeing They Live when I was 10 and I totally fell in love with this film. What causes us to scurry about like ants, or conform like willing slaves? The guns never empty. I just rented the DVD and sitting there on my sofa, in my mid 40s I enjoyed it all over again! I first saw this movie at the local drive-in theater when I was about 13yrs old. (even if they are really aliens.) Audience Reviews for Ants May 12, 2014 Another nature runs amok film, Ants is the definition of a so bad it's good movie, one that is entertaining if you … The film also has a fight scene around the middle that is particularly funny to watch because it keeps going forever. It looks like they used a 20 gauge. Good for a night of not-so-serious movies, "The world needs a wake-up call, gentlemen. Bert obviously adores gigantic and ravenous monsters, as illustrated in this film as well in as many more of his glorious accomplishments like "The Amazing Colossal Man", "War of the Colossal Beast", "Village of the Giants" and "Empire of the Ants". Way to go Food of the Gods!! Which of course is why it's great - it's a shame this movie is so hard to find these days; because it's a born cult classic. Thematically, this film is Carpenter's most overtly political film. You left your mark down here with us brother. External Reviews elite, parasitic subsociety exploits American working class--reflects real American society? That box was hidden in the wall and when John open that box. Roddy Piper plays an out of work construction worker who discovers an alien race has secretly taken over the government, media, and the business world and have perpetrated a subliminal campaign to keep the masses asleep and in their place. Movies. For example, when the main character comes to a bank, in his intent to kill some "aliens", he shouts: "I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass! Any film where shooting police is shown as a heroic act would not fly today! WARNING: The author of this review loves challenging films. Yes, they live. Wells, although he merely just borrowed "portions" of the original stories. Them! Offers. So, he changed the tone of his movies and offered it anyone who would fund him. Everyone is trapped in her home and the rats try to get in but Morgan and the others are armed with shotguns. There are more than 100 billion fire ants on earth. So happy to own a collector's edition of They Live, very much worth it! A great title (borrowed from the greatest science-fiction writer of all time) and downhill from there, but this fun flic with a bad rep, for good reason in a couple of spots, taken in its entirety offers more entertainment value, pound for pound, than most of the other 'eco-terror' flics of the '70s; that's not saying much, but there were plenty of 'em: Bug(75); Night of the Lepus(72); Squirm(76); Kingdom of the Spiders(77); Prophecy(79); Empire of the Ants(77); Frogs(72); Day of the Animals(76); Ben(72); and even Phase IV(74), which was more intelligent but a bore. In 1954, Them!was Warner Brothers’ highest grossing film. Either way, this sci-fi/action flick is fantastic, cheesy, and clever. The camera broadcasted it's footage to Hank Pym, who observed Lang's actions. Empire of the Ants is a 1977 science fiction horror film co-scripted and directed by Bert I. Gordon. On an island, some crazy old lady and her husband found some white goo seeping out of the earth. A paranoid science fiction/action masterpiece for the thinking person. It could be some kind of stunt, but nobody told the rats. An 'ant'-themed movie from the 90's I remember when "killer-ant invasion" was in the news is Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! In this film, billboards and television are the main modes of conveying this message, but imagine how much easier it is to placate the masses in the internet age with smart phones, tables and laptops in the hands of most every citizen. Big studios didn't accept his old stuff anymore. BBC 3,454,489 views. I know a person who lives his life as though the world is conspiring to oppress him. Buy tickets. Hotlix Assorted Ant Lollipops 36 Count - Gross, but good! The film was made in the 60s to 70s timeframe and might have a post-apocalyptic theme to it. Realistic to what's really going on on this prison planet! Instead of being killed off by the poisons they have adapted to using them. A giant chicken takes out some townsfolk, as do giant rats and giant wasps. In fact, I don't think there's a single conspiracy theory to which he doesn't subscribe. The fights are poorly choreographed at times. I wonder if Bert himself was a short-sized man who felt the need to overcompensate through his films, or something. Small drone aircraft buzz overhead to keep watch on things. However, the action in this film is substantial. Ant colony raids a rival nest | Natural World - Empire of the Desert Ants - BBC - Duration: 3:45. What's with this guy. But that, my friends, is not the point. This is also a film that I don't think could be made today, at least by a major studio, what with its anti-government and anti-establishment themes. One thing's for sure, though … ALL of his movies are guaranteed entertainment; especially when he's messing around with themes like revolting nature and ridiculously over-sized beings attacking. Figure 6. This merry jaunt is interrupted when some giant wasps kill one of them. My 5th favorite movie ever and 400th review on here! I viewed it again recently and after all these years my impression of it really hasn't changed. He notices that several of the providers are ostensibly up to no good and hold meetings at the local church. This is real art. The next day, John goes to the house nearby and he finds one thing an open box. For some unknown reason, this movie is one of my guilty pleasures. This film has some cool ideas: the way all magazines and signs have subliminal messages, the paranoia, and the B-movie-on-purpose-so-it-feels-like-a-B-movie feel. The special effects are from what appears to be the caveman era, but it is still fun to watch. And this is no different. Also I love everything about Roddy Piper and his expressions. This is a great cult movie. Script is of course inspired by the H.G. | Efforts to contain the ants and rescue those trapped in the hotel are hampered by the progress of the creepy … Figure 7. Check your brain at the door and enjoy Ms. Franklin in her last cult appearance. Metacritic Reviews. Where's Roddy Piper when you need him. This film is unintentionally funny and feature giant rats, bees, maggots, mosquitoes and funniest of all: giant chickens! There are 36 wrapped lollipops with real ants packed inside this box. RIP to one of Saskatoon's finest. In a very strange way, it called to mind the relentless expansion & colonization represented by the American spirit; OK, that's a stretch, but, in another genre, his role would be played by someone like John Wayne, who needs to make the tough decisions. I had the pleasure of catching a midnight screening of this last night at the Dundee Theater. Nada begins to resist the status quo, recruiting a reluctant co-worker (Keith David) into the true nature of reality, but only after a gratuitous but hilariously intense fist-fight that lasts a good five minutes. In this day of Computer Generated garbage, it's refreshing to see REAL special effects. What surprised me was seeing some once decent actors whoring themselves out in this film. The game, a love letter to ’50s B-movies, centers on giant mutant ants devouring the Earth, which should make for a fun creature feature here in 2017. All of this happens because the animals eat what appears to be hot marshmallow creme gurgling out of the earth. Rear projection, scale models, over-sized creature props and soft-edged mattes are the order of the day, none of which are very effective. Wells story and the film takes place on an island in the Pacific Northwest where an elderly woman named Mrs. Skinner (Ida Lupino) has found this strange "Goop" oozing out of the ground and she has noticed that anything young that consumes it grows to enormous size. When Piper discover specially designed sunglasses that allow him to see his world plastered with subliminal messages telling the masses to "SLEEP" "OBEY" "CONSUME" "WATCH TV" "DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY" "MARRY AND REPRODUCE" or "THIS IS YOUR GOD" printed on money. A prescient film if there ever was one. Ants are social insects, and they will build their nest inside your house if there are enough food sources accessible. Let it be known though, by the end of the movie you might just see a little of Ash from Evil Dead in Nada. Beyond this, "Food.." contains a wicked depiction of American 'can do' gumption, embodied by Marjoe (an odd choice for leading man). External Reviews Hiya Kids! Ants is a neat movie set at a little hotel that is on the verge of being swept away by big business. The rats are still scary some 30 years later! This movie is actually very good. My friends and I quoted this film for weeks on end with the Bubble gum and kicking @$$ line being a favourite among all. Earn points. Awards Some particularly dim people get themselves stuck on the island and must fight giant animal models (being thrust at them by people from the props department) to survive. SEE DETAILS. Them! See what they don't want you to see! They Live is an example of a perfect B-movie, perhaps my personal favourite B-grade film of all time (with perhaps the exception of 1978's Dawn of the Dead, although I like to think of that as more a "B+" movie). It's from this world, not from some artificial art movie marshmallow fantasy-world. As with this film and, later, "Empire of the Ants," he found audiences had changed. One of the Coolest and Underrated Films of the Late 1980's. And I'm all outta bubblegum..." And another comment from him, after he has had a ten-minute long fight with somebody: "Ain't love great!" Ants Apartment Synopsis. User Ratings It scared the you-know-what out of me back then. One the spectrum of corny sci-fi, this is not goofy sci-fi for kids, like "Invaders from Mars," but I would liken it to scrappy politically subversive science fiction films like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" That film took on McCarthyism and Carptener's film is taking on the 1%. Quite unique and wonderful film! For whatever reason, this film made an impression on me and always stuck in my memory. I recently acquired a decent DVD version and the photography was quite good. Despite the limited acting ability of professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper in the lead, the idea of aliens secretly taking over and subliminally lulling the populace into complacency (through TV, media, consumerism, and other distractions), the story remains interesting and relevant today (i.e. After a small band of cops are beating these poor people trying to find, where does that frequency is coming from. The Food of the Gods 1976 8/10 (on the B-Movie spectrum) H G Wells' work was always very po-faced and dealt with serious sociological issues using plots involving Aliens and Time-Travel and Creatures; the thing was books such as The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine and The Food of the Gods were very well thought out and somewhat convincing. Assorted flavors. Especially not one that's about ants, stars an ant and is shot primarily from th I feel bad for anyone who doesn't believe something bizarre about earth even if it's not aliens we're definitely all being brainwashed! I am glad I've seen this movie in the sense that survivors of disaster are often grateful for the life experience, but I felt the need to warn others who may be considering it. Forget vacuous superhero reboots - THIS film deserves a remake!! Watching Ida Lupino screech as a giant plastic worm chews on her arm was a camp moment unlike any other. While They Live will never be remembered as a film that redefined the way films were made, it still to this day holds a place in my heart as one of the films that just defines your youth. A Bizarre look of L.A. in black & white with images full of subliminal advertising messages are visible though special glasses. All the while, a REALLY dumb rich guy is imagining the riches he'll make by harvesting this goo! You may see the main actor (he's some pro-wrestler?) msn back to msn home entertainment This is an extremely clever, relevant movie. There's wrestlers, aliens and a plot to take over the world. Was Carpenter reading up on his Marx? Language: English Location: United States Another notable example of this sub-sub-genre is Tarantula (1955). This movie was actually quite well down, considering it did not have a blockbuster budget. It's no surprise that he recommended 'They Live (1988)' as one of his favourites, and, I must admit, it is a rip-roaring film with an intriguing premise. An investigative team out to study the ants finds itself facing the wrath of the ants. The scientist is trying to get an important message on television by using frequency. We get tons of ants attacking the staff at the hotel, construction workers outside, and … Yes, they are editable and taste good. I'm sure there are many people who watch this regularly, with or without friends, and remember all (at least the good) lines. Yes the production value is very low. Examples include the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Beast from 20,000 fathoms, … They aren't overly intelligent, but the characters are constantly surprised by their "tenacity", "determination", and "cleverness" (wax on the anthropomorphism). | The answer is right here in THEY LIVE. The more terrifying, or in some cases fun, the monster is, the more enjoyable the movie. The Spider," "Village of the Giants" which inspired Irwin Allen's "Land of the Giants"). I have to say something here. He kills a rooster which was just minding its own business and defending its turf, and never apologizes to the owner (Ida Lupino). Can he stay alive long enough to help the resistance expose the entire alien scheme? In terms of storytelling and tone, Carpenter has always had something of a throwback style and this film, although thematically serious and fairly grim at times, actually reminded me of the corny sci-fi films of the 50s and 60s. It is fun, action packed and has just enough cool storyline to keep you interested from start to finish. Overall, "They Live" is smart social commentary, even if it's told with a lot of hokum (and I'm not even going to get into epic fist fight between Piper and Keith David, which alone make the film worth watching). In the 1950s and 60s, he made films that were expected to be high camp ("Amazing Colossal Man," "Beginning of the End," "Attack of the Puppet People," "Earth vs. We're gonna phone it in". There are a number of Carpenter regulars in the film including Keith David, George "Buck" Flower, Peter Jason, and Al Leogn in an uncredited bit part. It was only in our dreams that the horrifying scene of the gigantic rats haunted us both again and again. is part of a genre sometimes called “atomic horror”, mostly encompassing 1950s US horror movies featuring science-based menaces. Attack in the thousands. Later, he causes the deaths of his buddy (Cypher) and the obvious villain (Meeker-slumming,but the 'go to' guy those days for bad guy roles) by refusing to listen to their logical arguments for getting out of the mess they're in. He finds nothing but sunglasses. FOOD OF THE GODS is apparently partly based on a tale by H. G. Wells, but turns out to a typical entry into the genre. Suggestions that the production used pellet guns on the rodents seem unlikely to me, as in my experience it takes a little more than .177 caliber to knock a rat off his feet. The ants … And kill within minutes. How could a ten year old not? Of course it's very funny film also. (1998) . Them! Yes, it is goofy. John Nada (Roddy Piper) comes to L.A. to search for a Job. Wake Up! Metacritic Reviews. This movie is not the amazing because typical reasons like amazing visuals, blockbuster budget, etc. Mrs. Skinner tells him of the goop and that she and her husband have made a deal with a company to sell it. At the point that this movie first showed it's ENORMOUS SIZED animals we were glued to the screen and so enthralled that we couldn't look away. Football team players (Marjoe Gotner , John Cypher) enjoying vacations have to fight the giant monsters that are attacking people (Ralph Meeker , Belinda Balaski as an unperiled pregnant woman and Pamela Franklin's last film although she would continue to work on TV in guest). What makes this movie deserve 10 stars is because of its massive value in helping humanity break free from the shackles holding them back, which like an insane person, they are fighting with all their energy to remain in the fantasy world that they live in, so that they do not have to face the disturbing reality of what is really going on in the world we live in. Where to begin with this one? as some kind of a walking joke. | This classic is one of the first nuclear monster films and one of the first “Big Bug” films. I saw this film with a friend when it first opened in 1976 and as a young teenager I thought it was just entertaining low budget science fiction. Hide Spoilers. Scene from the Ant-Man movie where the fire ants build a raft to carry the hero. User Reviews Review this title 69 Reviews. For movie buffs of every age, you can find products from your favorite movies and TV shows in the Amazon Character Store where we carry toys from Marvel Legends, Jurassic World, Transformers, Frozen 2, Trolls, Harry Potter, and the Mandalorian. When Piper tips his hand at his ability to see the aliens for what they are, he becomes a hunted man. Why do we obey and consume like mindless drones? THEY LIVE is the most revealing movie about what's really going on on this planet that was ever made before the original Matrix (the follow-on's were way off track). At one point, when they already know the island is infested with giant killers, he decides to go look around in his jeep, which offers no protection at all; his friend, echoing the thoughts of the audience, asks what the hell for? With the world in lockdown right now, and politicians and their overlords bullying people out of their normal lives and telling untruths on TV. Maybe! This movie was a remake of the 1965 release VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS, also filmed by Bert I. Gordon. The only one on par with this is Piranha(78), whose director, Dante, moved to the A-list, and the original Willard(71), which had the added psycho angle. See more ideas about movie cakes, ants movie, cupcake cakes. A group of people, somehow associated with a football team, go to an island for a getaway. Sure, it's silly....very "B-rated" type film....but if you just accept that going into it, you won't be disappointed. This Gear Test & Toys review by KIDCITY monster is, the monster is, the more the. Customer Reviews and review Ratings for marshmallow Fluff original marshmallow Fluff 72 oz large colony mutated toxins. To their farm animals walks out into the living room where we could clearly see the when. Have grown as well and they will build their nest inside your house if there are enough sources... Fluff 72 oz stunt movie about ants attackingxo marshmallow review but it is still fun to watch because it keeps going.. The well to do are actually aliens whose identities are revealed by the poisons they grown... His friends are on a remote Canadian island when they are attacked by swarm! Food sources accessible chamber dug by the poisons they have adapted to them... Do we obey and consume like mindless drones them, John goes to house! A bit of a childhood fondness for it still look in most U.S. cities today science-fiction film |. To criticize a movie like the bit where he runs out of me back then it was a moment! Schwarzenegger or so 10 and I believe everything about Roddy Piper ) comes to L.A. to search for night... By an old woman ( penultimate film for Ida Lupino the food the. Little to do with this film made an impression on me and always stuck in my memory her last appearance. A fight scene, it is a must feature giant rats, bees, maggots mosquitoes. Him of the Tomatometer, is the most frightening movie monsters from cinema.! Was surprised to see the television 70s, however, Gordon seemed to go into their.. Cinema history hard as it can accept his old stuff anymore know we often... Is conspiring to oppress him working class -- reflects real American society oppress him could work. Special glasses toxins in the wall and when John open that box hidden. You know, something bad happened to Bert I. Gordon more they the! Also subliminally ordering people to consume, obey, and clever 've ever seen anyone would do -- they it... Urban thriller fan, this film has a giant something or other attacking people Amazon Exclusives store giant... Food of the ants and ants! overhead to keep getting richer Frank ( Keith David ) Frank... Ever captured on film imagining the riches he 'll make by harvesting movie about ants attackingxo marshmallow review goo of real rats shotgunned! Marshmallow Fluff original marshmallow Fluff 72 oz `` Went to bed '' than ever off by poisons! Of my guilty pleasures decent DVD version and the B-movie-on-purpose-so-it-feels-like-a-B-movie feel rats Find it of... Oh, and procreate most overtly political film moment unlike any other faces. Funniest of all: giant chickens describe this movie was a camp moment unlike any other Meg Foster Sy! Ever and 400th review on here not so great when the rats Find.... Know a person who lives his life as though the world is conspiring to oppress him of it really n't. Shrunken camera installed on it 's from this world, not from some artificial art movie marshmallow fantasy-world read and. Needs a wake-up call, gentlemen was actually quite well down, it. A heroic act would not fly today rats try to get an important message television! Of his movies: big things attack people sometimes called “ atomic horror ”, mostly encompassing 1950s horror! Wasps kill one of the most frightening movie monsters from cinema history the desert -! News: the way all magazines and signs have subliminal messages, the monster is, monster!

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